Weekly Group Harp Sessions on Zoom!

Come and join the Zoom harmonica gang!

•  Beginners – Wednesdays 6pm-7pm (UK Time)
•  Intermediates – Thursdays 6pm-7pm (UK Time)

Lesson ID: 914 617 7410
Password: 058464
Download Zoom here.

The Surgery is open
While there may be exercises and topics we are currently working on, don’t let this stop you from joining in. We will ensure you are made to feel welcome. Harp Surgery is about fixing typical problems and investigating the burning issues players encounter. It’s great if you have questions, skills, pieces or other items you’d like us to investigate; when you share, we all benefit!

Voluntary contributions
It does take time to prepare and organise each workshop, so if you enjoy the experience, a donation is always welcome. If you are able to contribute, copy paypal.me/harpsurgery into your browser and donate whatever you consider reasonable. We understand that times are difficult; if you can’t contribute, please join us anyway. Read on to find out more about our programme.

Workshop Resources

•  Optimising Zoom for Music Lessons – Link
•  Harmonica Map – Map
•  Piano Keyboard Map – Map
•  Articulation Map – Map
•  Online Metronome (also available as App for mobile phones) – Link
•  Bend It Better – Link

We’re working on introductory blues playing, 12 bar blues structure, I-IV-V chord progression, minor pentatonic and blue scale, couplets…
•  Thirds Exercise (in Couplets) – Tab
•  Thirds Exercise (in Triplets) – Tab
•  Quadruplets Exercise – Tab
•  12 Bar Blues introduction – Tab
•  Pentatonic to Blues Scale – Tab
•  Blues Shuffle (Patricia Marcoux) – YouTube Link here
•  Blues Shuffle (Patricia Marcoux) – Tab
•  Blues Shuffle Backing Track –  YouTube Link here
•  Scales & Arpeggios (Aristocats) – Tab

We’re currently working on Portamento, Octaving and Intervals, I-IV-V chord progression, what to play over the IV chord in a Blues, and third position Blues. We’ll also be tackling Overblow 6B#, Blow Bends and Throat Vibrato, …
•  Breathing Exercise Tab
•  Modulation Exercise Tab
•  I, IV, V Chord progression study: Major Triads, Minor 7th, Minor 3rd Tab
•  2nd Position Blues Scale (Leap Exercise) – Tab
•  Double Crossed and Blue – 3rd Position Study
•  Articulation Points pdf
•  Inchworm (Loesser) (Ostinato 6B# exercise) Tab
•  Jesu Joy (JS Bach) Outro section arpeggio 6B# exercise  Tab
•  Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven) 1st Movement intro arpeggio 4B# exercise Tab
•  Blues Shuffle Backing Track –  YouTube Link here
•  Home Run Hitter high end solo (Jerry Portnoy) – Tab
•  Goin’ Back to Church (The Red Devils) – Tab

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