Auld Lang Syne Tabs

Happy New Year 2022

The Harp Surgery team would like to wish all our visitors a very Happy New Year 2022.

As usual we have enjoyed Otis’s seasonal visit for Christmas dinner, although it left us slightly traumatised this year. Instead of his usual bottoms up, knickers down toast, he turned on a Beyoncé track, shouted time for some Christmas twerky and sent the drinks trolley crashing through the waiting room.

From everyone at the Harp Surgery, the Good Doctor, Otis, Our Monica, Fat Tone, Thin Tone, Little Phil, Greasy Rob, Shagpile Jim, Wilma at The Tickled Trout, DJ John Joe, Stomping Stu, Murray the Apprentice, Jimmy the Chef and the Rear Admiral, we hope the new year brings you hours of musical fun and top tooting. Thank you for dropping by this year. We hope you have enjoyed our workshops, news, reviews and nonsense. As ever, we leave you with a final offering of the season.. Auld Lang Syne. We’re playing this in twelfth position.

Listen to

4B       5D     5D..5D    6D   6B      5D..6B

Should auld  acquaintance  be     for – got

Christmas Tree

6D..6B    5D   5D       6D         7B     8D
A – nd     ne – ver   brought   to    mind.

   8D       7B       6D..6D   5D       6B      5D..6B
Should  auld   acquaintance     be      forgot

6D..6B     5D ..4D   4D..4B     5D
A – nd      au – ld     la – ng   syne

8D   7B   6D   6D   5D   6B   5D..6B
For   au – ld     la – ng   syne, my dear

8D     7B   6D   6D   7B    8D
For    au – ld     la – ng   syne

  8D..7B       6D..6D    5D    6B     5D..6B
We’ll take    a    cup    of    kindness  yet

6D..6B   5D   4D   4D   4B   5D
Fo – r     au – ld    la – ng    syne

Top tooting and a Happy New Year!

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