Weekly Harmonica Workshops on Zoom

Join us in Harp Surgery’s Zoom Room
While there may be exercises and topics we are currently working on, don’t let this stop you from joining in. Harp Surgery is all about sharing issues and fixing them. Everyone benefits that way. It’s great if you bring items you’d like us to investigate, from technique to playing styles and songs you’d love to master! 

Beginners – Every Wednesday 7pm-8pm (UK)
Intermediates – Every Thursday 7pm-8pm (UK)

Lesson ID: 914 617 7410
Password: 058464
Download Zoom here
Please set your Zoom audio to ‘enable original sound’

Attendee Feedback 
“You just helped me find my first overdraw!” – Azza, UK
“Thanks for a fantastic workshop” – Mary Beth Hempel, US
“They are great sessions” – Roy Johnson, UK
“It has been a joy sharing in a harmonica experience with you” – Maurice Smith, US

Voluntary contributions
It does take time to prepare and organise each workshop, so if you enjoy the experience, a donation is always welcome. If you are able to contribute, copy paypal.me/harpsurgery into your browser and donate whatever you consider reasonable.

Some students ask if there’s a recommended amount. A suggested contribution would be £10.00 GBP / $15.00 USD / €12.00 EUR, but please note that friendships and recommendations are just as valuable. If times are difficult, we would far rather you joined in without obligation than not at all.

•  Video Link
•  pdf  Instructions – iPad
•  pdf  Instructions – Smartphone
•  pdf  Instructions – Laptop
•  pdf  Instructions – PC (Windows)

•  Harmonica Layout – Map
•  Octaving Layout – Map
•  Articulation Map – Diagram
•  Circle of Fifths – Diagram
•  Harmonica Layout Explorer – Link
•  Virtual Piano – Link
•  Online Metronome (also available as App for mobile phones) – Link
•  Bend It Better – Link
•  Amazing Slowdowner for Windows – Link
•  Amazing Slowdowner for Mac – Link
•  Audacity – Link

BEGINNER RESOURCES (Please have a C harmonica ready)
•  Scales & Arpeggios (Aristocats) – Tab
•  12 Bar Blues introduction – Tab
•  Pentatonic to Blues Scale – Tab
•  2nd Position Blues Scale – Tab
•  Major Scale in Thirds (Triplets) – Tabs
•  Major Scale in Quadruplets (Steps) – Tabs
•  Josh’s Wobble (Richard Taylor) – Tab
•  Josh’s Wobble (Richard Taylor) – Sound Track
•  Hole 3 Exercises – Tab
•  Octaving Exercises – Tab
•  Dirty Old Town – Tab
•  Minuet in G Tab
•  I Want Candy Tab

INTERMEDIATE RESOURCES (Please have various harmonica keys ready)
•  Inchworm (Loesser) (Ostinato 6B# exercise) Tab
•  Jesu Joy (JS Bach) Outro section arpeggio 6B# exercise  Tab
•  Breathing Exercise Tab
•  Modulation Exercise Tab
•  I, IV, V Chord progression study: Major Triads, Minor 7th, Minor 3rd Tab
•  2nd Position Arpeggios with Dominant 7 Tab
•  Blues Shuffle Backing Track –  YouTube Link here
•  Home Run Hitter high end solo (Jerry Portnoy) – Tab
•  Josh’s Wobble (Richard Taylor) – Tab
•  Josh’s Wobble (Richard Taylor) – Sound Track
•  Cross Harp Blues Scale Speed Exercise – Tab
•  Hole 3 Exercises – Tab
•  Octaving Exercises – Tab
•  Roadhouse Blues – Tab
•  Roadhouse Blues – Sound Track
•  I Want Candy Tab

•  G Major Scale Degrees – Tab
•  2nd Position Blues Progressions – Tab
•  3rd Position Blues Progressions – Tab
•  Caldonia Bass Line – Tab
•  Times Gettin’ Tougher Than Tough (Jimmy Witherspoon) – Tab
•  Chord Arpeggios – Tab

2 thoughts on “Weekly Harmonica Workshops on Zoom

  • February 12, 2021 at 2:26 pm

    Thank you for inviting me to your Harp Surgery zoom lessons. You taught me to determine song key with a single harp in C. The ‘hands-on’ approach, through video instruction, engaging multiple senses, allowed me to grasp the concept in a mere 60 seconds. The exercises were challenging, to say the least, providing the tools to progress at our own pace and achieve an advanced level.

    Looking forward to continued improvement playing the harmonica and creating new relationships through our common interest.

    All the best,


  • February 19, 2021 at 6:03 pm

    Hi Maurice, that’s really great feedback. I like to keep things varied, with a sense of pace, but you are always feel free to butt in. We can also review items and introduce new topics to match your needs. It’s great to learn from each other too! Richard :0)

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