Alex 10Richard Taylor is Managing Director of Harp Academy, an independent music service teaching harmonica to groups of children in Primary Education (KS1/KS2) in Sussex (UK). Harp Academy uses the harmonica to make a positive impact on children’s lives.

Why learn harmonica?
HA Promo 2bIt’s fun! It sounds great. It’s inexpensive. It raises self esteem. It fits in a pocket or book bag. It’s cool for girls and boys alike. It has no awkward strings or keys. It aids wider learning.

If you are a parent who would like their child to receive harmonica lessons at school, or indeed a teacher who would like to introduce harmonica into their school, send us an email here at the Harp Surgery. You can also visit the Harp Academy site for further information.

Maisie and Rebecca NHL 3iKey Stage 1
Reception and Year 1 children use a four hole Hohner Speedy harmonica (available in pink, blue, yellow or black). Weekly lessons are 30 minutes long and we provide 10 session each term. Children learn tunes from our introductory song book and CD, and develop key playing skills in the company of their dedicated Harp Academy teacher. Performance is also part of our agenda, through playbacks in assembly. As children progress through Year 2, they graduate to their first 10 hole Suzuki Airwave harmonica. The Airwave is designed with children in mind; familiar wide hole spacing, durable ‘drop proof’ construction and a choice of red, orange or blue.

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing work Will has done with Aliyah this term – she absolutely loves playing her harmonica.

Key Stage 2
Josh 10Junior School children start with a 10 hole Suzuki Airwave harmonica before graduating to a ‘metal’ ten diatonic harmonica. In the process they build their playing and musical skills and enjoy a wide selection of songs, with a fresh theme each term to compliment their learning. Once again, performance is part of our programme with assembly playbacks and occasional public performances.

It’s been a great experience over the past four years and I wanted to thank you for teaching Dylan some great tunes and encouraging him so well.

Will at The AlexLessons
Lessons are extra-curricular, in groups of six to ten and held on school premises. They can take place during the school day (except for lunchtimes) or after school. Children receive 10 lessons each term, each one normally lasting thirty minutes.

Child purchase their music pack from Harp Academy and bring this to each lesson. Our starter packs include a folder, two harmonicas, a song book, a mission book, a sticker and a pen.PRTP 2015 8

Our teachers are trained in the Harp Academy teaching technique and follow carefully prescribed teaching guidelines. All have either a state teaching qualification or else are highly experienced in their field. Many are also professional performers. We continuously assess and monitor our team members, and everyone undergoes statutory background checks and carries public liability insurance.

PRTP Kids' Stage 2015 iiAfter School Clubs
In the event that a school is unable to facilitate daytime lessons, or student numbers do not warrant separate classes, Harp Academy also runs after school harmonica clubs where children come together to enjoy making music with the harmonica. These are usually run on School premises.