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Join our weekly workshop

Our weekly drop in Zoom workshops have been going extremely well. Grab a harmonica and join us!

Zoom: 914-617-7410 / 058464

Beginners: Wednesdays 6pm (UK)
Intermediates: Thursdays 6pm (UK)

Here’s what our students have been saying…

  Thanks for the Zoom workshops, they are really good for me. The exercises for ostinato have been a revelation. Likewise the exercise for gradually drawing down and returning bend 3 is very helpful, although I’m never satisfied with what I’m achieving. One day I’ll get there.

  Thanks for doing the Zoom group sessions, they’re really helpful and it’s nice to meet up with other musicians. I find it difficult playing alone all the time!

•  Thank you so much for the fun time learning harmonica on Zoom!  This has been quite an enlightening opportunity and I have learned so much from you.  I appreciate all you do and am looking forward to your classes next week.

•  Cheers – really enjoyed that session!