James Wheeler’s Blues Jam – Rosa’s Lounge, Chicago 19th June 2008

Chicago Rosa’s Lounge

If you’ve never tried it, go! Don’t expect anything grand like Buddy Guy’s Legends, this is more like going down to your local. Perfect in my opinion. Get some rest beforehand and plan to arrive between 9.30 and 10.00 pm local time (yes that’s six hours behind the UK….!). If you are a musician, take your instrument and sign up at the door. You’ll get in for free and Tony will call you up once the house band has finished its intro set (around 40 minutes). And don’t be nervous – this is a really cosy, cosmopolitan, genuinely friendly establishment. Everyone will speak to you and Tony will make you feel very welcome. The jam carries on till 2am officially, but with jet-lag and time difference I was totally knackered by around 12.30am…I guess others were too as the crowd started to thin. (more…)