Harmonica Warm-Ups and Workout

Simple practice routines to improve your tone, tempo and breathing.

Welcome to the Harp Surgery’s Physiotherapy Department. The Good Doctor is often asked about ways to warm up, develop breathing and keep all those important harping muscles in trim. Well ultimately everyone has their own regime. The Doc himself oscillates between a good glass of New World Merlot and Marathon runs. And we all suffer from poverty of time when it comes to¬†practising, but no pump, no jump. On which note, we are proud to announce the addition of our Warm-ups and Workout page to the Harp Skills menu. We like to think of it as our harmonica gym.


Lip Freeze

Why do my lips freeze up?

It happens to us all – embarrassingly this can be in the middle of our showcase number, live and dangerous on stage. It’s happened to me on Whammer Jammer a few times. As with all things physical, if your muscles aren’t used to it, they rebel. Ever tried to do too many sit-ups? A repetitive strain occurs when your abdominal wall muscles go into spasm and lock up. You can’t move again until they have had time to relax. Lip freeze is no different – our lip muscles cramp up from under use. In their own little way they’ve run a marathon too soon. Lip freeze often kicks in when you have to purse a bit harder for a bit longer – notoriously on those top end holes. (more…)