Buying a harp – the San Francisco experience

Below is a copy of correspondence with the Haight-Ashbury Music store in San Francisco…

Thanks for your reply.
I came into your shop last week, but was bitterly disappointed by the level of service you gave me. I was all set to buy a dozen harmonicas, a Green Bullet and an amp, but came away with nothing. That’s a few 100 dollars worth of business.

I teach harmonica and have played for 25 years. I was the UK harmonica champion in 2000 and perform regularly with headline acts. I know my stuff and how to go about buying my instruments!

Your assistant was absolutely clueless about harmonicas and said so! In fact I ended up talking to one of your customers about which harmonicas to buy because the assistant was unable to provide basic information. This I can understand as I am not a guitar expert. But the level of attention and personal service was deplorable.