Seydel Söhne Competition Winners

Congratulations to our competition winners

Seydel Quiz VouchersWe know that many of you have been waiting for news of the competition result and now that all the formalities have been completed, we can bring you up to date. Thanks for your patience! Thanks also to Bertram Becher at Seydel Söhne for making this special event possible.

As advertised, on the 11th January three names were drawn at random from our pool of correct replies and the winners were notified by email. We are delighted to announce that the lucky recipients of a Seydel e-shopping voucher are Matthew Squires (USA), Tony Westlake (USA) and Jörge Lange (Germany). Congratulations to Matthew, Tony and Jörge and a big thank you to everyone who sent in an entry.

The answers to our three quiz questions were:

  • 1. a) 1847*
  • 2. c) Christian August Seydel & Sons
  • 3. c) Boomerang

Seydel Söhne, Klingenthal*In deference to accurate historical fact, we acknowledge that question one may have been better phrased. We asked the year that Seydel Söhne was founded, when we actually meant the year that Christian August Seydel began manufacturing harmonicas – 1847. His sons (Söhne) of course didn’t take charge until several years later. But rest easy, everyone who entered picked the answer we were looking for!

We’ll be running more competitions in the future, but we hope you’ll keep coming back to visit the Harp Surgery in any case. In the meantime permit us to introduce our lucky winners.

Matthew Squires (USA)

“Hi, my name is Matt Squires. I’m an electrician in Michigan. I’ve been a hobby harp player on and off for a couple of years now. I’m always hoping to have more time for practice to get better!

Tony Westlake (USA)

Seydel Söhne Solist ProThanks so much for the voucher! I guess I got lucky. I am a harmonica player in Modesto, CA and my band is Tony and the Tuff Times. We play blues and host a weekly jam every Tuesday eve. I started learning to play harp about 1997. I knew I needed help so I happened upon David Harp’s 3 Minutes to Blues Harmonica. That was cool but now I was hungry for more instruction. Spent five days with a small group of players and David Barrett eight hours a day in a soloing workshop in ’98. Attended David’s weekend work shop in ’99 and I get one-on-one instruction from David Barrett for many years now. All with the hope that one day I will be able to play.  I have tried almost every diatonic harp on the market and have settled on the Seydel 1847 Classic. I practice a minimum of one hour everyday and up to 8 hours if I can get away with  it (I am married). I go to as many open mic jams as I can (essential part of learning). One of the bands that hosts a Thursday evening jam hired me so now I play out twice a week. I am the band leader for David Barrett’s School of the Blues in San Jose, CA and we play once a month at a local bistro. And I always look forward to learning something new on your website. Tony.”

Jörg Lange (Germany)

Seydel Söhne Blues FavouriteI’m now 47 years old and started playing harp about 12 years ago. I’m sure that I’m not the most talented player but I’ve my fun. I don’t like playing a certain style because music is so manifold and I like so many styles, Blues (Canned Heat), Classic Blues (Sonny Boy Williamson), Jazz (Take Five, Watermelon Man), Latin, Rock (J. Geils Band) and Classics (Vivaldi, Mozart). I also like playing country songs although I don’t like to listen to any country songs. I’ve also other hobbies, but harping is best if you’re coming home from your job and want to get your head free from any bad thoughts or problems. Thanks, sincerely, Jörg Lange.”

Well done guys! And don’t forget you can always use the yellow link (on the right) to fast track to Seydel Söhne’s homepage.

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